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Adelaide Hockey Club
League Hockey SA Premier League
Founded 1981
Team Colours Blue, Red & White

Adelaide hockey club is a hockey club in Adelaide, South Australia. As a district club serving the Adelaide area, Adelaide operates from the edge of the parklands. Teams are available for men and women, for all senior and junior grades. The Adelaide Hockey Club is a modest hockey club in South Australia with over 120 members. The Club sponsors some Minkey (junior) competitions.


The Adelaide Hockey Club was formed in late 1981, as a result of an internal presidential dispute at Forestville hockey club. After a time of sharing playing fields and change rooms Sturt and Aroha clubs amalgamated with the ex-Forestville hockey club players and allowed for the new club to form. The home grass fields and club rooms used to be located on the corner of Beaumont road and Greenhill Road, now a site for junior minkey and half field competitions. The current Adelaide hockey club home ground is located on Cnr of Peacock and Greenhill Road, Adelaide.

International (Australian) Representatives[edit]

  • Grant Schubert (current.)
  • Juliet Haslam (1989)
  • Paul Lewis (1982)
  • Samual Nicholas (2010 U21 Australian Team, 2010 World Cup Squad)
  • Jose Filomesicanous (2010)
  • Thomas Maw (2012 England U21)

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