Adelaide of Waldeck

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Adelaide of Waldeck
Born c. 1264
Died c. 1339-1342
Noble family House of Waldeck
Spouse(s) Simon I, Lord of Lippe
Father Henry III, Lord of Waldeck
Mother Matilda of Arnsberg-Cuyk

Adelaide of Waldeck (c. 1264c. 1339-1342) was a daughter of Lord Henry III of Waldeck and his wife Matilda of Arnsberg-Cuyk (also known as Matilda of Rietberg-Arnsberg).

She married on 24 November 1276 to Simon I of Lippe and had the following children:

  • Bernard (1277-1341), Bishop of Paderborn
  • Herman (d. c. 1324), a cleric
  • Hendrik (d. c. 1336), acleric
  • Diedrich (d. after 8 September 1326), Knight in the Teutonic Order
  • Simon (d. c. 1332)
  • Otto († 1360), Lord of Lippe in Lemgo
  • Bernard V (d. before 1365), Lord of Lippe in Rheda
  • Adolph
  • Matilda (d. after 9 April 1366), married c. 1310 to John II, Count of Bentheim (d. 1332)
  • Adelaide, married Herman II of Everstein-Polle (about September 29, 1324?) (d. c. 1351)
  • Hedwig (d. after March 5, 1369), married Count Adolph VII of Holstein-Pinneburg and Schauenburg (d. 1352)

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