Adelbert Range

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Adelbert Range
Adelbert Range NASA.jpg
Adelbert Range seen from space (false color)
Highest point
Peak Unnamed high point
Elevation 1,716 m (5,630 ft)
Coordinates 4°42′S 145°14′E / 4.700°S 145.233°E / -4.700; 145.233[1]
Country Papua New Guinea
Province Madang
Range coordinates 4°43′S 145°15′E / 4.72°S 145.25°E / -4.72; 145.25Coordinates: 4°43′S 145°15′E / 4.72°S 145.25°E / -4.72; 145.25

Adelbert Range is a mountain range in Madang Province, north-central Papua New Guinea. Highest point of the mountains is at 1,716 metres (5,630 ft).[1] As other mountain ranges in Papua New Guinea it is cloaked in rainforest and is home to many rare species of fauna and flora and is highly biodiverse. Adelbert Range is home to more than 700 species of birds, including 38 species of bird-of-paradise.[2]


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