Adele (musical)

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Sheet music
Music Jean Briquet and Adolf Philipp
Lyrics Paul Hervé
Book Paul Hervé
Productions 1913 Broadway
1914 West End

Adele is a musical in three acts with book, music and lyrics by Adolf Philipp, written also under the pseudonyms "Jean Briquet" and "Paul Hervé": music by Jean Briquet and Adolf Philipp, original French book and lyrics by Paul Hervé, and English adaptation by Adolf Philipp and Edward A. Paulton. The plot concerns a French girl who falls in love with the son of her father's business rival.

The Broadway production opened on August 28, 1913, at the Longacre Theatre, transferring to the Harris Theatre and ran for a total of 196 performances. It was directed by Ben Teal and produced by Joseph P. Bickerton, Jr.. Natalie Alt played the title role. Georgia Caine was Mme. Myrianne de Neuville, Hal Forde was Baron Charles de Chantilly and Craufurd Kent was Robert Friebur.

The West End London production opened at the Gaiety Theatre on May 30, 1914.

Song list[edit]

Act I
  • It's Love - Adele, Henri Parmaceau, Babiole and Jacques
  • Is It Worth While? - Adele
  • Adele - Adele
  • Like Swallow Flying - Mme. Myrianne de Neuville and Baron Charles de Chantilly
  • (A) Honeymoon with You - de Neuville and de Chantilly
  • Paris! Good-Bye! - de Chantilly
  • Adele - de Chantilly and Girls
Act II
  • Wedding Bells - Babiole, Jacques, Bridesmaids and Ushers
  • Yours for Me, and Mine for You - Adele, de Chantilly, de Neuville, Robert Friebur, Babiole, Jacques, Bridesmaids and Ushers
  • Matter of Opinion - de Neuville, de Chantilly and Friebur
  • Close Your Eyes - de Chantilly and Adele
  • When the Little Birds Are Sleeping - Friebur and Adele
  • The Clock Is Striking Ten - Adele, de Chantilly, de Neuville, Friebur, Babiole, Parmaceau, Alfred Friebur, Jacques, Bridesmaids and Ushers
  • Yesterday - Adele
  • You Are a Very Nice Boy - de Neuville, Friebur, Girls and Boys
  • Strawberries and Cream - de Chantilly and Adele
  • My Long Lost Love, Lenore - Parmaceau
  • Gay Soldier Boy - Babiole, Jacques, Girls and Boys
  • A Waste of Time to Plan - Adele, de Chantilly, de Neuville and Friebur

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