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Adele Berlin is a biblical scholar. Before her retirement, she was Robert H. Smith Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Maryland.[1]

Berlin is best known for 1994 work Poetics and interpretation of biblical narrative (ISBN 1575060027). She has also written commentaries on Zephaniah, Esther, and Lamentations. A Festschrift in her honor, "Built by Wisdom, Established by Understanding": Essays in Honor of Adele Berlin is forthcoming.

Berlin has been a Guggenheim Fellow, and President of the Society of Biblical Literature. Along with Robert Alter and Meir Sternberg, Berlin is one of the most prominent practitioners of a literary approach to the Bible.[2][3][4] In 2004 the Jewish Book Council awarded the subject along with co-editor Marc Zvi Brettler the scholarship category award for the Jewish Publication Society and Oxford University Press book, The Jewish Study Bible.[5] A decade later the two editors offered its second edition.


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