Adele Bloesch-Stöcker

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Adele Bloesch-Stöcker

Adele Bloesch-Stöcker (12 June 1875 – 10 September 1978) was a Swiss-German violinist and composer. She was born in Gummersbach, Germany, and was associated with Fritz Brun and Othmar Schoeck.[1]

She performed in Cologne, Berlin, Leipzig and Bern and was a founding member of the Bern Chamber Orchestra. In 1909 she married Swiss author Hans Bloesch (1878-1945).[2]

She was responsible for the musical aspects of the Schweizeische Ausstellung für Frauenarbeit (SAFFA) in 1928, for which she composed a SAFFA walz and directed the women orchestra.

After giving up her performing career for health reasons, Bloesch-Stöcker turned to composition. She released her Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in E minor in 1935, and conducted performances in 1935-36 in Bern and Burgdorf. In 1973, she published an article, Erinnerungen an Max Reger (Memories of Max Reger) about the composer.[3] She died in Winterthur.


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