Adele Farrington

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Adele Farrington
Adele Farrington 01.jpg
Photoplay Magazine, 1915
Born 1867
Brooklyn, New York, US
Died December, 19 1936 (aged 68–69)
Los Angeles, California
Occupation Actress
Years active 1914–1926
Spouse(s) Hobart Bosworth

Adele Farrington (1867 – 19 December 1936) was an American actress of the silent film era.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Farrington was a stage actress before appearing in 74 films between 1914 and 1926. She was a relatively old actress for the silent film era, being 47 at the beginning of her film career. She appeared in many films directed by Lois Weber and Phillips Smalley. Her husband was film director and actor Hobart Bosworth, in whose films she also often appeared. They divorced and Bosworth remarried to a younger woman and had a small child by 1920. She died in Los Angeles, California.

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