Adele James

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Adele James
Born (1995-03-20) 20 March 1995 (age 28)
Known forQueen Cleopatra

Adele James (born 20 March 1995) is a British actress and screenwriter. She plays Tina Mollett in the TV series, Casualty. In 2023, James starred in the Netflix docuseries, Queen Cleopatra.


James became interested in acting in high school.[1] She is of mixed ancestry.[2] James studied at the Richmond upon Thames College and the University of Bristol.[1]

In 2018, she was the screenwriter of the short film, Last Call.[1] She plays Tina Mollett in the TV series, Casualty.[1][3] In 2023, she was given the starring role as Cleopatra in the second installment of Netflix's African Queens docuseries, Queen Cleopatra.[4] Her casting faced controversy surrounding the Cleopatra race controversy.[5]


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