Adele of Meaux

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Adele of Meaux
Effigy of Adele of Meaux on her tomb
Born c. 934
Died c. 982
Buried St Aubin Abbey, Angers
Noble family Carolingian
Spouse(s) Geoffrey I of Anjou
Father Robert of Vermandois
Mother Adelaide-Werra de Chalon

Adele of Meaux (c. 934 – c. 982) was a French noblewoman. She was Countess of Chalon and later Countess of Anjou.

Adele was a daughter of Robert of Vermandois, Count of Meaux and Troyes, and Adelaide de Chalon.[1][a] Adele died in 982.[2]


She married Geoffrey I of Anjou (c. 938/940 – July 21, 987). Their children were:


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