Adelise, Countess of Soissons

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Adelisa, daughter of Guy I, Count of Soissons, and his wife Adelisa. Countess of Soissons, inherited from her father as his only child. Adelisa is frequently confused with her mother.

Adelisa married Nocher II, Count of Bar-sur-Aube. (Some sources claim that Nocher was possibly the second husband of the widow of Guy I.) Adelisa and Nocher had at least one child:

Nocher II became Count of Soissons, jure uxoris, upon his marriage to Adelisa, but apparently died in 1019, at which point Adelisa ruled until Renaud was of age.


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  • Dormay, C., Histoire de la ville de Soissons et de ses rois, ducs, comtes et gouverneurs, Soissons, 1664 (available on Google Books)