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Adelphikos Fraternity Crest.png
Founded 1913 (104 years ago)[1]
Grove City College
Type Social


 United States
Motto Men of honor, men of courage[2]
Colors      Purple
Mascot Wilbur the Cat

The Adelphikos (spelled αδελφικός) fraternity, formed in 1913,[1] is a Grove City College (Pennsylvania, United States) social fraternity that originally consisted of 10 members.[2] Adelphikos was the second official fraternity on campus ( Pan Sophic Fraternity paved the way for all fraternities and sororities), and the first to use Greek letters.[1] The fraternity began struggling in the late 1970s, committing violations of campus rules which resulted in the loss of college recognition during the 1990s.[2] In 2000, the fraternity was re-established as a Christian brotherhood.[2]

Adelphikos does not affiliate itself with any national fraternity system. It is an independent organization, like all other Grove City fraternities.[3]

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