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Aden Mohamed Nur Saran-Sor (Somali: Aaden Maxamed Nuur), commonly known as Aaden Saransoor, is a Somali warlord.[1] He is a commander in the Rahanweyn Resistance Army (RRA),[2] and his militia is in control of Baidoa, seat of the Transitional Federal Parliament.[3]

On October 6, 2006, his militia surrounded the house of general Ali Hussein Loyan,[4] (also known as Ali Mohamed Hassan Loyan), the national police commander.[5] On the thirty-first of the same month, Saran-Sor was accused of backing rebellion against the Transitional Federal Parliament by Aden Mohamed Nor, Minister of Justice in the Baidoa-based government.[1] When the RRA split into two rival factions,[6] Saran-Sor supported Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade.[2]

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