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Adenosine Tri-Phosphate is a Japanese alternative rock/pop band. [1] The group’s name was suggested to the band from a fan.[1] The concept of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate is powerful music with musical experiments.[1]

The group began with the guitarist, Mug, who is the lead composer, plays guitar, and also plays other instruments.[2] He has been described as a sonic and experimental guitarist. [1] He is a student at University of Chicago.[1] After Mug's band, "African Tribe Punk" broke up, he started to run the Bazooka Recording Studio in Japan.[2] He later invited Taata, also a graduate of the University of Chicago, to join him as a vocalist and keyboardist in Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. [2] In 1993, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate was formed in Tokyo.[3] Drummer Kaz and bassist Kohei joined the band in 1995.[4]

ATP draws their inspiration from everyday life and is always seeking to be in the alternative scene.[1] Their music contains a multitude of different sounds of percussion, vocals, and guitars, but is also described as having a strong composition and attitude.[3]

With their debut of the CD Sun Dancer, ATP was hosted on the national Japanese TV shows Zeus' Holiday and Jaka-Jan.[2] The program Dash/Dash regarded ATP as the best band in Japanese alternative music.[2] In 1996, the producer Crane got ATP a record deal with BMG/Vivid.[1] For two years after the release of Sun Dancer the band took a break to experiment and record new music while their producer, Crane, became seriously ill.[1] The band resumed normal performances in 1998.[1] That same year, the group produced the album Aroused Zen that included work from the two year performance break.[2] The chairman of called ATP “the greatest unknown band from Asia, and a good example of internet possibility.”[2] Due to this ATP became big overseas, and had their first overseas tour through Asia in 2000. [2]

In 2001, ATP produced the soundtrack to the anime movie Guilstein.[2] In 2002, they toured through Japan. After this, the group took another two year performance break and produced 50 new songs.[2] The first tour in the US was in 2005 in California.[2] Their most recent album, Welcome to my Psychedelic World, was finished in 2010.[2]

Adenosine Tri-Phosphate's discography includes Sun Dancer, Aroused Zen Monk, Deranged Angel (2000), A Wish Away (2007), and Welcome to my Psychedelic World (2010), and their compilations are Unquiet Grave: Unearthing the Underground (2001) and Rock In Asia (2007). [2]


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