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Industry Computer software
Founded 2000
Headquarters Chicago, IL, USA
Products ETL Suite, ESB Suite, B2Bi Suite, BPM Suite, EBIM Suite
Website and

Adeptia is a software vendor that provides Data Integration, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business-to-business (B2B) Integration, and Business Process Management (BPM) software.

Adeptia's products are designed to help consolidate databases, build data warehouses, enable Service-oriented architecture (SOA), implement real-time interfaces between systems, integrate with cloud applications and automate business processes. Adeptia products have been used by organizations in various industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Government, Healthcare and Retail.

Adeptia products have been developed using Java, XML and Web Services technologies. They are available in both traditional on-premises as well as cloud-delivery models. For cloud deployments, Adeptia utilizes the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Adeptia is notable for being the most comprehensive “all-in-one” business integration software on the market that combines Data Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, Business-to-Business EDI capability and Business Process Management on a core SOA architecture.[1]


Adeptia was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Chicago, IL.[2] It has a wholly owned Research and Development Center in New Delhi, India.[3]


Adeptia offers the following products:

  • ETL Suite: Data parsing and mapping software for aggregating information from many sources into databases.[4]
  • ESB Suite: Process centric, SOA-based Enterprise Service Bus middleware for real-time integration interfaces.
  • B2Bi Suite: Business-to-business Integration software designed to integrate customer and partner data with any application or database using industry standards such as EDI X12 and EDIFACT.[5]
  • BPM Suite: Business Process Management software designed to model, automate and monitor business processes.[6]
  • EBIM Suite: Comprehensive integration software that incorporates the Adeptia ETL Suite, ESB Suite, B2Bi Suite and BPM Suite within a single, collaborative, web-based application.
  • Adeptia Connect: Adeptia Connect is a business application designed for use by non-technical business users. Traditional integration and connectivity solutions are developer tools that are designed to be used for engineers and programmers.

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