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Hadar Babayof, known professionally as Aderet, is an Israeli singer-songwriter, DJ, producer and entertainer. Her music is heavily influenced by pop, trance, and dance music.

Early life[edit]

She is transgender, and underwent gender reassignment after completing her IDF service.[1]



In November 2000, her first single "Le'at Uvatuah" ("Slowly and Surely") started playing on the radio. Her two albums, Tenth Floor and Without the Evil Eye, were released in Israel between 2001 and 2005.[2] In 2008 her single "Say No More" became a hit in Lebanon after playing on "Beirut Nights", a Lebanese online radio station which plays dance music.[3][4]

The remix of her club hit "Say No More", produced by DJ Dvir Halevi, became a popular trance song on the radio.[4] Excerpt from Good Morning America: "Israeli singer Aderet is breaking boundaries. Her hit song is not only topping the charts in Israel but also in nearby Lebanon. But there's a real twist to this unlikely new ambassador for peace."


She worked with some of the most popular Israeli DJs for her third album named Jewish Girl. Part 1 of that album was released in January 2012. Four English language singles from the new album became big hits at clubs and on the Israel dance music charts and three of them got into the playlist of online radio stations in Lebanon.

Since January 2012, Aderet has her own radio show named "Jacuzzi" on Allforpeace radio. Aderet participated in the Girls DJ Festival 2012 and got into the top 20. In February 2013 she participated in the Kdam Eurovision competition with the song "Victory".

In June 2014, DJ Angelo Russo released a remix of Aderet's hit "Say No More," released on the Italian label Brisma. It's the first time that one of Aderet's songs got into the Beatport. In November 2014 Participated on the Global rockstar semi final contest with her hit "Chaos" and finished at the 2nd place.

The full album, Jewish Girl, will be released in 2018.

In January 2016 she became one of the owners of the Israeli record music label "Hit records & promo".

In March 2016, her popular radio show, "Jacuzzi", started to be broadcast live by Music Galaxy Radio (MGR) in London. "Vyzion" radio from North Carolina has broadcasther show since June 2016

In September 2016 She got into the playlist of the radio 'Trance-energy radio' with her hit 'Say no more' (Dreamelodic remix)


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