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St Andrew's Church

Adforton is a small village and civil parish in north Herefordshire, England.

It has a church which doubles as a community hall. It is situated on the A4110 main road approximately 22 miles (35 km) north of Hereford. Adforton is a small residential area located in the West of England in north Herefordshire. The area is located north of Wigmore, close to the Wales border, and is surrounded by agricultural fields.

In 1870-72, Adforton was described as

"a township with Stanway, Paytoe, and Grange, in the parish of Leintwardine, in Hereford 2 miles north west of Wigmore with a population of 250 people and 57 houses within the area,"[1] by John Marius Wilson's Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales.

It had a population of 128 according to the 2011 census.[2] Adforton provides a full program of local events throughout the year to residents and visitors. Parish events include guided walks and village fetes. The local history clubs also provide talks about local life in the area from the past. Adforton is also a very keen society in erms of music. Open mic events are regularly put on in pubs, while more classical musical tastes and be satisfied in the local churches. Other events include sporting activities such as cycling, challenge events, orienteering and car rallying events in the countryside. The tourism industry benefits here and as a result a number of high quality holiday accommodations are available such as; Inns, cottages and bed and breakfast facilities that attract a lot of attention from visitors. [3]

A map from the 20th century locating Adforton.
A scatter graph showing the population over a 100 year period.
The bar graph shows the number of males employed in different occupations in Adforton during 1881.


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