Adhaalath Party

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Adhaalath Party
President Imran Abdulla
Founded 18 August, 2005
Headquarters Malé, Maldives
Ideology Sunni Islam,
Islamic Democracy
Majlis of the Maldives
1 / 85
Politics of the Maldives
Political parties

The Adhaalath Party(AP) (Maldivian: ޢަދާލަތު ޕާޓީ, meaning: Justice Party ) is a political party in the Maldives.

The Adhaalath Party was registered as a political party in August 2005, when political parties were allowed to operate for the first time following widespread protests for democracy. Being an Islamist political party, the party stands for establishment of justice in all spheres of the nation and follows a moderate Islam. The Islamic extremist elements as well as the secular minded in Maldives shunned Adhaalath Party due to its moderate Islamic leaning. The party is noted for its Islamic scholars who travel to the rural islands to disseminate Islamic awareness. Sheikh Ilyas Hussain, the most popular orator of Maldives heads the scholar's council. Adhaalath has been active in the political arena and has been instrumental in all the recent government changes. Along with Jumhooree Party, Adhaalath has played a pivotal role in the elections, the balance of power shifting to the side to which Adhaalath Party supported during the second round of both the recent presidential elections. The party's first president was Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed.

After the tenure of Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed, Sheikh Imran Abdullah became the second president of Adhaalath Party. Dr. Mauroof Hussain, a noted E.N.T specialist trained in India has been the vice president of the party since the beginning. Since May 2015, after the Adhaalath Party together with the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party organised a rally calling for ending government corruption and judicial reform, the current president of the party Sheikh Imran Abdullah has been incarcerated without trial by the government of president Yameen Abdul Qayyoom


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