Adhemar Gonzaga

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Adhemar Gonzaga
Born 26 August 1901
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died 29 January 1978
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, Journalist
Years active 1919–1970 (film)

Adhemar Gonzaga (1901–1978) was a Brazilian actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director.

Born into a wealthy family Gonzaga had a passion for cinema from an early age, and first appeared on screen in a short advertising film in 1920.[1] He worked as a journalist for the film magazine Cinearte (1926–1942) which advocated the creation of a more professional, commercial film industry in Brazil.[2] In 1928 he directed his first film, a silent. The film was a strong commercial success, and on the strength of it Gonzaga persuaded his father to financially back a film studio.[3]

After a period of study in Hollywood, Gonzaga returned to Brazil and founded Cinédia a Rio de Janeiro-based company which quickly became the leading studio in Brazil. Cinédia specialised in producing Chanchadas, musical comedies with a populist appeal which often featured leading stage and singing stars. Chanchadas produced during Gonzaga's reign included Hello, Hello Brazil! (1935), Hello, Hello, Carnival! (1936) and Samba in Berlin (1943). Many of Brazil's major stars appeared in Cinédia productions, including Carmen Miranda. The studio remained in continual operation until 1951.[3]

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