Adhi Kot

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Adhi Kot
Village and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab Province
District Khushab District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Adhi Kot is a village and one of the 51 Union Councils (administrative subdivisions) of Khushab District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.[1] It is located at 32°6'13N 71°48'24E with an altitude of 177 metres (583 feet).[2]


The area is notable for the Adhi Kot meteorite which landed on 1 May 1919.[3][4] The meteorite, known as the Adhi Kot stone, fell at 32°16′N 71°49′E / 32.267°N 71.817°E / 32.267; 71.817 at 12PM, 15 miles (24 km) north of station Nurpur, Shahpur District (the area was part of the old Shahpur District during British Rule).[5]


Coordinates: 32°16′N 71°49′E / 32.267°N 71.817°E / 32.267; 71.817