Adhi Kot (meteorite)

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Adhi Kot
Type Chondrite
Class Enstatite chondrite
Group EH4[1]
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab
Coordinates 32°6′N 71°48′E / 32.100°N 71.800°E / 32.100; 71.800Coordinates: 32°6′N 71°48′E / 32.100°N 71.800°E / 32.100; 71.800[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date 1 May 1919
TKW 4.24 kg[1]

Adhi Kot is a meteorite that fell on 1 May 1919 in Punjab, Pakistan.[2][3]


The meteorite fell at 32°16′N 71°49′E / 32.267°N 71.817°E / 32.267; 71.817 at 12PM, 15 miles (24 km) north of station Nurpur, Shahpur District (the area was part of the old Shahpur District during British Rule).[4]


It was classified as an enstatite chondrite type EH4.[1]


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