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The name Adhil has been applied to a number of stars, especially in the constellation of Andromeda. It is the name approved by the International Astronomical Union for Xi Andromedae.[1]


Adhil was originally applied to the description of Ptolemy's 21st and 22nd of Andromeda in his star catalogue in Latin translated version of Almagest.

Adhil is a lingua franca term from an Arabic phrase الذيل al-dhayl [að-ðáil] meaning "the train [of a garment]" (literally "the tail").
There are two kind of the identification of Ptolemy's 21st and 22nd of Andromeda.
Ptolemy P - K[2] Manitius[3]
# 21 49A And 46ξ And
# 22 52χ And 48ω And
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Renaissance times[edit]

However Bayer gave Adhil for 60/b And in his prominent work Uranometria in 1603, and Bode followed Bayer in his great star atlas Uranographia in 1801.

Recent times[edit]

Adhil is applied to Xi Andromedae from Manitius' identification of Ptolemy's 21st of Andromeda.

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