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The name Adhil has been applied to a number of stars, especially in the constellation Andromeda. It is officially the name for xi Andromedae.


Adhil was originally applied to the description of Ptolemy's 21st and 22nd of Andromeda in his star catalogue in Latin translated version of Almagest.

Adhil is a lingua franca term from an Arabic phrase الذيل al-dhayl [að-ðáil] meaning "the train [of a garment]" (literally "the tail").
There are two kind of the identification of Ptolemy's 21st and 22nd of Andromeda.
Ptolemy P - K[1] Manitius[2]
# 21 49A And 46ξ And
# 22 52χ And 48ω And
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Renaissance times[edit]

However Bayer gave Adhil for 60/b And in his prominent work Uranometria in 1603, and Bode followed Bayer in his great star atlas Uranographia in 1801.

Recent times[edit]

Adhil is applied to Xi Andromedae from Manitius' identification of Ptolemy's 21st of Andromeda.

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