Adi Quala

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Adi Quala
ዓዲ ዃላ
Adi Quala is located in Eritrea
Adi Quala
Adi Quala
Location in Eritrea
Coordinates: 14°38′N 38°50′E / 14.633°N 38.833°E / 14.633; 38.833
Country Flag of Eritrea.svg Eritrea
Region Debub
District Adi Quala
Climate Cwb

Adi Quala (Tigrinya: ዓዲ ዃላ? Tigrinya pronunciation: [ʕadi xʷala]) is a market town in southern (Debub) part of Eritrea. It is located 32 km south of Mendefera nearly 25 km from the Ethiopian border, over 2,000m above sea level.


Adi Quala is known for its tukul (hut) church St Marry church with its frescoes and its mausoleum for the Italian Army soldiers who died at the Battle of Adwa and Gundet. The town has a population of more than 28,000 people. The language that is spoken in the town of Adi Quala is Tigrinya. The population is pre-dominantly more than 99% Tigringa.


Adi Quala's population are 94.5% Orthodox Christian and 5% are Muslims.[citation needed] There are some Roman Catholics and Protestants about 1% of the total population. There are two Orthodox churches, one Roman Catholic church and one mosque.

Writing in the 1890s, Augustus B. Wylde described the market in Adi Quala, held on Mondays, as medium in size.[1]


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Coordinates: 14°38′N 38°50′E / 14.633°N 38.833°E / 14.633; 38.833