Adi ibn Zayd

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Adi ibn Zayd was a 6th-century Arab Christian poet from a family in al-Hirah.[1] He was married to the granddaughter of Nu'man ibn Mundhir (580–595), and is said to have helped Nu'man accede to power as ruler of al-Hirah.[2]


  1. ^ Peters, Francis E. Muhammad and the origins of Islam. SUNY Press. p. 66. The next notable figure at al-Hira was Nu'man III who was phylarch there from about 580 AD His accession to power was engineered by the Christian poet Adi ibn Zayd whose family had long been important at Hira 
  2. ^ The Catholic encyclopedia:. p. 669. After him reigned Nu'man ibn Mundhir (580-595), who, towards the year 594, was converted to Christianity. His granddaughter, Hind, who was a Christian and of exceptional beauty, was married to the Arab poet 'Adi ibn Zayd. 

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