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Genre(s)Educational adventure
Developer(s)Coktel Vision
Coktel SAS
Neko Entertainment
Publisher(s)Coktel Vision
Knowledge Adventure
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Havas Interactive International
Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing International
Vivendi Universal Games International

PlayStation 2
Atari ST
First releaseAdibou (English: AJ's World of Discovery)
Latest releaseAdibou: La Chanson d'Adibou (English: Adiboo: The Song of Adiboo)

Adibou (English: Adiboo) is an educational video gaming series first developed by Coktel Vision. The franchise expanded into comic books, music and television series (such as Adiboo Adventure (2009)[1]). Titles in the series follow Adiboo, a young boy who teaches children about a variety of topics including nature, maths, and language. Most stories are set in the world of Celesta.

The series is divided into different categories based on target market: Adi for 10-14 year-olds, Adibou for 4-7 year-olds, and Adiboud'chou for 18 months-3 year-olds,[2] and characters have different names in different regions. The name Adibou is derived from the French acronym ADI meaning Accompagnement Didacticiel Intelligent (English: Intelligent Accompaniment Tutorial). Adibou games are now supported by ScummVM's "Gob" engine.[3][4]

The series was created by Muriel Tramis, the first female French video game designer according to la Croix.[5] The games were designed specifically to be applicable within a classroom context.[6]

In October 2005, Coktel Studio was sold by Vivendi Universal Games International to French publisher Mindscape which itself closed in 2011.[7][8] More than a dozen titles were published until 2009 when the series went dormant.[9]

Following the closure of Mindscape, the IP rights to Adibou were sold to Ubisoft, and in 2020, French company Wiloki, a french educational company founded by the children of Adibou creator Roland Oskian, partnered with Ubisoft to revive the character. In May 2022, Wiloki released a brand new title titled Adibou: Le Chanson d'Adibou for iOS and Android under their partnership with Ubisoft.[10]


This list is far from complete; there were dozens of titles in the series, some more documented than others.

Title Year Platform/s Developer/s Details Ref
Adibou: Le Chanson d'Adibou 2022 iOS, Android Wiloki First new entry in the series since 2009
Adibou et les Saisons Magiques (English: Adiboo and the Magical Seasons) 2009 Wii Mindscape SA Garden-themed minigames that teach children about plants, insects, and the seasons. [11]
Dis-moi ADI: Français - Maths CE2 2005 Macintosh, Windows Coktel SAS Lessons for children in maths and French. [12]
Adibou & Les Voleurs d'Energie (English: Adiboo and the Energy Thieves/The Energy Thieves) 2004 PlayStation 2, Windows Coktel Vision Adiboo discovers that robots are stealing resources from Celesta to power a massive drill - he sets out to stop them. The game alternates between the 3D third-person hub world of Adiboo's home, platforming, vehicle chase sequences, and boss battles. There are also several minigames in the hub world. Gameplay is simple and Adiboo frequently breaks the fourth wall to inform and assist the player. [13]
Adibou & Le Secret de Paziral (English: Adiboo & Paziral's Secret) 2003 PlayStation, Windows Vivendi Universal Games, Neko Entertainment, Coktel Vision 3D action adventure in which Adiboo must save the people of Tonies Island from the evil Paziral. Varied gameplay including racing and platforming. [14]
Adibou Présente la Magie 2000 Macintosh, Windows Coktel Vision Minigames for children including rock paper scissors and lessons in magic tricks. [15]
Adiboo: Discover Mazes, Numbers & Puzzles 2000 Macintosh, Windows Knowledge Adventure Minigames about maths and puzzle-solving. [16]
Adiboo: Discover Nature, Animals & Planets 2000 Macintosh, Windows Knowledge Adventure Minigames about nature, animals, and planets. [17]
Adiboo: Discover Music, Melody & Rhyme 2000 Macintosh, Windows Knowledge Adventure Minigames about music. [18]
Adiboo: Magical Playland 1996 Windows Coktel Vision Teaching lessons in reading and singing, Adiboo fights an evil "monster-blob". [19]
Adibou (English: AJ's World of Discovery) 1991 Atari ST, DOS Coktel Vision Minigames for children including jigsaw puzzles, maths lessons, English lessons, racing, and drawing. [20]

TV series[edit]

An animated series, Adibou : Aventure dans le corps humain [fr], aired on french channels France 5 and TiJi, each of the 40 episodes usually lasting around 5 minutes.

Critical reception[edit]

Referring to AJ's World of Discovery, Feibel felt there were better run and jump games available [21] whereas Jeuxvideo argued that Adibou games were a good option for children but were too short.[22] The Argus praised the series for its music but criticised its "daft" title.[23] PC Mag praised Adiboo: Discover Nature, Animals & Planets for offering educational content and "hours of entertainment".[24]

By 1997, the series had sold over 1.5 million copies.[25] Today, the series is inactive and little in-depth information exists online apart from a few Let's Play series and articles.


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