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Adibou (AJ's World of Discovery in English) is an educational video gaming series by Coktel Vision. It is based on the French acronym ADI meaning Accompagnement Didacticiel Intelligent (Intelligent Accompaniment Tutorial). The franchise has expanded into comic books, music and television series. There are different categories based on the target market (Adi for 10-14 year-olds, Adibou for 4-7 year-olds, and Adiboud'chou for 18 months-3 year-olds), and the characters have different names in different regions.

The series was created by Muriel Tramis, the first female French video game designer according to la Croix.[1] The developers designed the game specifically to be applicable within a classroom context.[2] After a few acquisitions/mergers and Coktel Vision became known as Vivendi Universal Publishing, it was decided that educational game weren't a priority and they should be subcontracted to another company.[3] More than a dozen titles are published until 2009, and the series has been dormant since.[4]


Adibou et les saisons magiques 2009 Wii Mindscape SA
Dis-moi ADI: Français - Maths CE2 2005 Macintosh, Windows Coktel SAS
Adiboo & Paziral's Secret 2003 PlayStation, Windows Vivendi Universal Games Deutschland GmbH
ADIBOU présente la Magie 2000 Macintosh, Windows Coktel Vision
A.J.'s World of Discovery 1991 Atari ST, DOS Coktel Vision

Critical reception[edit]

Feibel felt there were better run and jump games out there.[5] Jeuxvideo felt they were good options for children but were too short.[6] The Argus felt the series had a daft title.[7] PC Mag thought the series offers hours of entertainment.[8]

By 1997 the series has sold over 1.5 million copies.[9]


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