Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary

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Songs of Sanctuary
Adiemus Songs of Sanctuary.jpeg
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 9, 1995 (1995-09-09)
GenreNew-age, classical
LabelJenkins Ratledge
ProducerJenkins Ratledge
Adiemus, Karl Jenkins chronology
Songs of Sanctuary
Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

Released in 1995, Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary is the first album by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins as part of the Adiemus project. The title track "Adiemus" was used prior to the album's release in a 1994 Delta Air Lines television commercial (as well as related Delta Air Lines media around this time, including pre-departure videos aboard Delta flights).

Track listing[edit]

All tracks by Karl Jenkins

  1. "Adiemus" – 4:01
  2. "Tintinnabulum" – 10:57
  3. "Cantus Inaequalis" – 3:13
  4. "Cantus Insolitus" – 5:35
  5. "In Caelum Fero" – 7:45
  6. "Cantus Iteratus" – 6:36
  7. "Amaté Adea" – 5:12
  8. "Kayama" – 8:06
  9. "Hymn" – 2:38


  • Rina Cheung – Artwork
  • Kirsten Cowie – Assistant Engineer, Assistant
  • Jason Day – Project Coordinator
  • Douglas Brothers – Photography
  • Stephen Frost – Mastering, Mixing
  • Simon Heyworth – Mastering, Remastering
  • Helen Hodkinson – Executive Producer
  • Jody Barratt Jenkins – Percussion
  • Karl Jenkins – Conductor, Liner Notes, Orchestration
  • Phil Knott – Photography
  • Peter Mountain – Photography
  • Steve Price – Engineer, Mixing
  • Jenkins Ratledge – Producer
  • Frank Ricotti – Percussion
  • Michael Senn – Music Copyist
  • Mike Taylor – Quena, Soloist
  • Gary Thomas – Engineer
  • Robert St. John Wright – Conductor, Leader, Orchestra Leader
  • London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Miriam Stockley – Vocals
  • Mary Carewe – Additional Vocals
  • Pamela Thorby – Recorder
  • Mike Ratledge – Programmed Percussion

Singles and alternative versions[edit]

Common to albums in the Adiemus project, releases in different regions may have different cover art and may include additional tracks. The Japanese release of Songs of Sanctuary features a tenth track titled "Adiemus (Full Version)" which is a longer version of the first track "Adiemus". A limited edition release of Songs of Sanctuary features additional edited versions of "Tintinnabulum" and "Kayama".

An "Adiemus" CD single was released featuring an edited version of the track, a longer version, and a percussion rendition. "Kayama" was also released as a single with two versions of this piece as well as alternate arrangements of "Hymn" and "Adiemus". The "Adiemus Remix" CD single comprises four dance remixes of the song. Similarly, "Kayama Remix" features five dance remixes of the piece "Kayama". A final CD single release has two different length versions of "Tintinnabulum" along with the track "Cantus Iteratus".

"Cantus Insolitus" borrows its theme from the largo movement of Jenkins' Palladio, as heard on Diamond Music. Four instrumental variations on the title track "Adiemus" are also featured on Diamond Music.

A completely new remaster by Simon Heyworth was released on SACD in 2003 providing a considerable improvement in clarity to the entire work. This is the highest resolution release of any of the Adiemus releases to date and is the closest to an HD version of any Adiemus material.

The tracks "Kayama", "Hymn" and "Adiemus" are remastered on the 2006 Japanese only CD release Adiemus and Karl Kenkins - The Complete Best but still only to CD quality.


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