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Adilcevaz is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 38°48′21″N 42°44′49″E / 38.80583°N 42.74694°E / 38.80583; 42.74694Coordinates: 38°48′21″N 42°44′49″E / 38.80583°N 42.74694°E / 38.80583; 42.74694
Country Turkey
 • MayorNecati Gürsoy (AKP)
 • KaymakamÖzer Özbek
 • District819.37 km2 (316.36 sq mi)
1,650 m (5,410 ft)
 • Urban
 • District
 • District density38/km2 (99/sq mi)

Adilcevaz, (Kurdish: Elcewaz[3]) is a town and district capital of the same-named district within Bitlis Province of Turkey. The city is on the shore of Lake Van. Its mayor is Necati Gürsoy from the Justice and Development Party (AKP).[4]

Because of numerous civilizations which have had settlements in Adilcevaz, the city has many ruins and historical artifacts from different eras. Urartians, Armenians, Kurds, Persians, Assyrians, Macedonians, Arabs, Byzantines have ruled by Adilcevaz in different periods.

The famous Kef castle built by the Urarteans lies near Adilcevaz.[5] Monastery of the Miracles, also known as Monastery of Ardzgue (Armenian: Սքանչելագործ վանք), is 2.18 miles northwest of Adilcevaz in the hills to the north of Lake Van.

Adilcevaz is famous for its special kind of walnuts (ceviz in Turkish). There are many types of regional foods, fruits and herbs. Adilcevaz has developed into an enhanced city that attracts tourists due to its peaceful environment and newly constructed sports complexes. A water sports complex includes water skiing and wide swimming areas.


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