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Town panchayat
Adirampattinam is located in Tamil Nadu
Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates: 10°21′N 79°24′E / 10.350°N 79.400°E / 10.350; 79.400Coordinates: 10°21′N 79°24′E / 10.350°N 79.400°E / 10.350; 79.400
Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Thanjavur
 • Chairman S.H. Aslam
Population (2011)
 • Total 31,066
 • Official Tamil
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 614701
Telephone code 91 4373
Vehicle registration TN 49

Adirampattinam, also known by the shorter Adirai(Adriyan) is a panchayat town in Thanjavur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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As of 2011 population census of India, Adirampattinam has a population of 31,066[1] Males constitute 47.95%(14897) of the population and females 52.04%(16169). Adirampattinam has an average literacy rate of 74.21%. Children under 6 years of age make up 13.08% of the population. Islam is the major religion with an estimated 70% of the population being Muslim.

Geography and climate[edit]

Adirampattinam is located on 10°12′N 79°14′E / 10.20°N 79.24°E / 10.20; 79.24[2] on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Being close to the equator, Adirampattinam enjoys Tropical wet and dry climate. Summer prevails in the months of April and May, while days in mid-May are the hottest (Agni) period during a year - with temperatures regularly reaching 100 °F. December and January are winter months, with temperatures dropping to 17 °C. Monsoon occurs in October and November. Adirampattinam normally receives rainfall of 125 cm per annum.[3] Most of the rainfall is received by the North East monsoon.


Traditionally Adiraites (natives of Adirampattinam) are a trading community. Previously, the community was widely engaged in trading through country boats (in Tamil it is called Marakkalam) to neighbouring Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore. Those who navigated the Marakkalam (country boat) were called Marakkalarayar and thus, the surname Maraikayar evolved.

In the pre-independent era the community fled to neighbouring countries for doing lucrative business. The oil boom opened new vistas and in the late 1970s Adiraites went to the Arab countries in Arabian Peninsula for search of greener pastures.

At present, the local economy mostly depends on remittances from migrants in foreign countries especially in the Middle East. Agriculture is the second most important source of income for the townsfolk and coconut is the major crop followed by paddy and other crops. Domestic business is the source of income for a significant number of families.The number of Adiraites who work in Chennai and engaged in business there is increasing.

Arab connection[edit]

This community migrated District and Adirampattinam as it is evident from the socio-cultural similarities of these three places. The first migrant from Kayalpattinam to Adirampattinam in A.D. 1180 was a wealthy Dhahla Maraikayar, BEACH STREET is first street in adirampattinam, who built the most ancient mosque in Adirampattinam named after him as Maraica Pallivasal which is now called as Al Masjidthul Aqsa. the second Migrant from Kilakarai Ismail Lebbai Alim in 16th century and his son was Most famous person of that time, he was adviser for the Mughal Emperors his name was Imamul Alam Abdulcader (Sinnina lebbai alim) (RA). He migrated from adirampatinam to kilakarai to serve as imam in oldest mosque of India (Badhan masjid or old jumma masjid of kilakarai).this shows the relationship with kilakarai and adirampatinam. Sinnina alim born and brought up in adirampatinam and constructed mosque and madharasa over there. which is described in the tomb script in old jumma masjid of kilakarai. Grave of Sinnena alim and his family found in kilakarai old jumma masjid. Imamul Alam Sinnina Lebbai alim was the teacher of Famous vallal seethakathi and mathihir Rasool sathakathulla appa of kayal patinam and many more famous north Indians, He was decedent of Caliph Aboobuker Siddiq (Rali).[4]


Adirampattinam culture is strongly influenced by Islamic thoughts. Life in Adirai revolves around the prayer calls (Adhan). The people, particularly women heavily depend on Adhan to keep their regular activities in track. The Adhan for early morning prayer well before sunrise acts as a wake up call. It is followed by four prayer calls at various intervals on a day. Friday is observed as public and commercial holiday in Adirai like many gulf countries.

White or colored Lungi is widely used as Male clothing instead of wearing pants. However, school/College Students wear Pants. Muslim ladies observe purdah and significant number of women do wear niqab(An extra cloth which veils all the face but eyes).

Like any other Marakkar society, It is a close knit society where people in general do not want to have marital relationships outside the town.

Transport and Communication[edit]

This town is well connected via road and rail with major towns and cities in Tamil Nadu. The East Coast Road (ECR) from Chennai to Kanyakumari connects this town as well. Frequent bus services are available to the nearby town, Pattukkottai. There are 14 Private omni buses runs daily night services for passengers as well as freight to Chennai in addition with the state owned SETC regular passenger services.

Adirampattinam has a Railway Station of its own. Train services from the town have become less popular and less frequent as the gauge conversion(from meter gauge to Broad gauge) is taking place on the Karaikudi-Villupuram stretch.

The Tiruchirapalli is the nearest International airport, located around 113 km away from Adirampattinam.

Adirampattinam itself had been a small seaport during British period. The old customs building near the coast stands as a landmark site in Adirampattinam.

Distance from major cities / towns via rail

City Distance (in km)
Chennai 383
Mumbai 1666
Bangalore 456
New Delhi 2573
Karaikudi 84
Mayiladuthurai 102
Thiruvarur 62A

Distance via road

City Distance (in km)
Thanjavur 60
Tiruchirappalli 112
Chennai 360
Kumbakonam 75
Mannargudi 38
Madurai 161
Coimbatore 326
The Nilgiris 410
  • All are approximate distances. Please verify with reliable and authentic sources.

Auto rickshaws act as major mode of private transportation for short distance travels. For long travels, people prefer private run taxis.


The Adirampattinam bazaar was once a busy bazaar which served not only the town, but also its suburban villages. But now, with sophisticated transport facilities, people go to the nearby town Pattukkottai for lot of shopping centers. Adirampattinam had oldest fish market in middle of the town for sea foods,vegetables,fruits,meat and poultry, now in full swing and attracts people from neighboring villages too. The town gets power from its own 33/11 KV substation run by TNEB

Adirampattinam has Three Petrol bunks which sell petrol, diesel and oil to the public. Adirampattinam has a good mobile phone network as well. Operators like BSNL, Airtel, Aircel and Reliance provide their services. BSNL also provides land line phones and Broadband internet connection to its subscribers. In addition, the town also has sufficient number of internet browsing cafes.

Adirampattinam has commendable number of educational institutions right from elementary schools to Colleges for higher studies. It houses a government hospital along with enough number of private hospitals/clinics. The Adirampattinam police station serves the town as well as the surrounding villages. Government establishments like the post office, the Sub-registrar office, the Meteorological(Weather) observatory and the Government library have their base in the town. The town has 5 ATMs from the Axis Bank, the Canara Bank, the Indian Bank, the SBI Bank and the Dhanalakshmi Bank.