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Hebrew transcription(s)
 • official Addirim
Entrance sign
Entrance sign
Adirim is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°32′57.11″N 35°16′17.75″E / 32.5491972°N 35.2715972°E / 32.5491972; 35.2715972Coordinates: 32°32′57.11″N 35°16′17.75″E / 32.5491972°N 35.2715972°E / 32.5491972; 35.2715972
District Northern
Council Gilboa
Affiliation Moshavim Movement
Founded 20 February 1956
Population (2015)[1] 267
Name meaning Lordly (plural)

Adirim (Hebrew: אַדִּירִים‎) is a small moshav in northern Israel. Located adjacent to Barak and Dvora and six kilometres south of Afula, it falls under the jurisdiction of Gilboa Regional Council. In 2015 its population was 267.[1]


Adirim derives its name from the Bible; "Water he requested, (but) milk she gave him: in a lordly bowl she brought him cream." (Judges 5:25) Adirim is also mentioned in Judges 5:13:[2] "Then down marched the remnant of the nobles." It commemorates the warriors of the nearby battle, led by Biblical Deborah, and the Israeli soldiers who fought nearby in the War of Independence.


The moshav founded on 20 February 1956 by immigrants from Morocco, the first of the Gush Hever moshavim. Its proximity to the Green Line made it a target for terrorist infiltrators in its early years.


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