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Aditya Santosh Raut (born 20 August 1993 in Pune, India) is an international open water swimmer, known for breaking many swimming records at a young age. At age 9 in 2002, he completed a 21-hour, 70-kilometre double crossing of the channel between Mumbai and Dharamtar.[1] In 2009, at 16, he became the first person to swim nine channels in nine countries.[2] He was the youngest person to swim the Cook Strait, the Strait of Gibraltar and the English Channel, and he holds many other world records for swimming. He is currently enrolled in Alliance University, Bangalore.

Family background[edit]

Aditya was a normal child before he and his teacher discovered his natural talent for swimming long distances. This happened when Aditya was advised by his doctor to swim to recover from a broken leg. His talent was spotted by Vinay Marathe, now his coach. His father Santosh Raut accompanied all his marathon swims.[1]

Present activities[edit]

Aditya is now participating in various international competitions around the world in Europe, Australia and Asia, while training for the 2016 Olympics.[1]

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