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Industry Advertising
Founded 1996 (1996)
Founder Åsk Dabitch Wäppling
Headquarters Malta

Adland is an advertising industry pundit which also serves as an internet archive.[1]

Adland's purpose is to share advertising news, and archive advertising work from around the world, concentrating on commercials and videos. In July 2011 Brand Republic listed Adland as the worlds 6th most influential advertising blog,[2] while Business Insider in July 2012 put Adland on a list of the 22 most influential.[3]

In addition to traditional publishing, Adland is active on Twitter. The site and its writers are generally known for partaking in controversial topics with a dissenting opinion. Adland hosts and continues to host for comment, viewing, and discussion a number of ads that have been banned elsewhere.

Ad Archive[edit]

Adland was founded by Åsk Wäppling in 1996, best known on the site under her nom de plume Dabitch.[4] Adland has over 90,000 registered members and in 2007 the site had "914,436 unique monthly visitors and 4.87 million monthly visits."[5] According to Åsk Wäppling, "We preserve, we publish, we deliver, we review and sometimes harass all advertising there is."[6]

Adland began as a place to collect plagiarized ads under the heading Badland.[7] FastCompany said that it "generates a more diverse array of insight",[4] and Adweek calls it "renowned" for longer posts on advertising issues.[8] The site houses an archive of over forty [9] years of Super Bowl commercials.[10]

In February 2011 Adland was banned from Google AdSense after a post with a picture from a Sloggi ad was added by Åsk Wäppling.[11]

The original CMS was phpnuke but Adland has now moved to use Drupal.

Death threats[edit]

In the summer of 2008 during the Olympics in China, Åsk Wäppling received death threats over a Red Cross campaign posted on Adland.[12][13] The Red Cross stated that they were "standing behind ad blogger" as Adland kept the campaign available on the site despite the threats.[14]


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