Adler railway station

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North Caucasus Railway terminal
Большие Сочи (Сочи), Сочи 24.JPG
View of the station from the street.
Location  Russia, Sochi
Owned by Russian Railways (North Caucasus Railway)
Platforms 5 (4 island platforms)
Tracks 16
Parking yes
Other information
Station code 532805[1]
Opened 1929[2]
Rebuilt 2013
Electrified yes
Preceding station   North Caucasus Railway   Following station

Adler Railway station (Russian: Адлер) is a railway station in Adler District of Sochi. It is located on the North Caucasus Railway, a regional subsidiary of Russian Railways, and one of the largest rail passenger terminals in Russia.[3]


Construction of the new railway station began in November 2010 to replace the existing one, which is located to the west. It is a hall of 150 by 60 m, in two parts, one on the side of the sea, and one on the city side. There is a car park, and the roof features solar collectors, which are used for heating.[4]

The new station has a capacity of 3000 to 5000 passengers per hour in normal operation and up to 20,000 passengers on the opening day of the 2014 Olympic Games. Construction was completed in 2013.[5]

The station was opened on 28 October 2013 in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Thomas Bach, the chair of the International Olympic Committee.




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Coordinates: 43°26′51″N 39°54′17″E / 43.44750°N 39.90472°E / 43.44750; 39.90472