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Adlercreutz is a Swedish, Finnish and Danish noble family. Its oldest known ancestor is Erik Markusson, dead 1654, who was a farmer in Biskops, Stortötar, Lohja, Uusimaa. His son Thomas Teuterström (1643–1710) was an accountant and was ennobled on 26 September 1700 in Karlshamn by King Charles XII of Sweden with the name Adlercreutz, and was introduced at Riddarhuset in 1703 with the number 1382, which has later been changed to 1386 B.

Two members of the family were immatriculated in Finland's house of nobility on 17 September 1818 as noble family number 97.

Among the members of the Swedish noble family was major general, later general of the cavalry and one of the lords of the realm, count Carl Johan Adlercreutz (1757–1815). On 30 June 1808 he was, as commander of the Sword Order, elevated into the then second class, the class of knights, and his family became a commander family with the number 1386 A. The commander family includes the baronial family Adlercreutz and the comital family Adlercreutz.[1]

Other members of the family include Swedish prime minister Axel Gustav Adlercreutz and the modernist architect Eric Adlercreutz.

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