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Developer(s) Adlesse Ltd.
Initial release 27 February 2012 (2012-02-27)
Stable release 1.0
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome
Available in English (default), Russian, Spanish, French and Italian
Licence Freeware

^ Adlesse is a free content-filtering browser extension developed by Adlesse Ltd., available as an addon for Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Its primary use is for removing unwanted page elements, such as animated web banners, and increasing the customizability of the user's browsing experience via a score of widgets.


How it works[edit]

Adlesse automatically detects and replaces unwanted elements on a page. It only deals with animated banner ads, leaving selected contextual ads, like Google AdSense, in place. Unlike many similar browser extensions, Adlesse does not prevent ads from being loaded altogether, but rather hides them behind various widgets of the same size. Widgets appear on every page with ads, according to their priority, which is set in the customization window. Adlesse employs no whitelists/safelists, but it is possible to manually reveal any hidden ad if it was mistakenly marked as unwanted content.

Currently available widgets[edit]

  • Local news – this widget automatically locates the user's whereabouts and compiles a selection of latest local news, available from online news sites. News comes in the local language (or in English, if language is not supported).
  • Weather – shows current weather and forecast for the user's chosen locality.
  • Latest tweets – displays latest tweets if the user is logged on his Twitter account.
  • Facebook – displays latest posts from user's Facebook feed.
  • Interesting links – links to sites/articles which have recently drawn the internet community's attention.
  • Famous quotations – randomly quotes wise words by famous people.
  • Did you know – a compilation of fun facts and trivia.

Other features[edit]

Twitter on FB: when logged into a Facebook account, the user can read a Twitter feed or directly post new tweets via the corresponding widget. Google search page: Google ads are substituted for search results from Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter on the Google search page.

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