Adma, Lebanon

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ِAdma is a hillside town in Lebanon, situated in Kesrouan, 27 kilometers north of Beirut. The town is composed of mostly sparse structures between thick brush and forestation on the limestone hillsides and cliffs. Adma is home to an assortment of traditional structures and an assortment of post-modern and contemporary structures, including the Regency Hotel. Adma is home to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation and the Lebanese Army's tank training grounds. The town was the site of a major battle between the Lebanese Army and Lebanese Forces during the Civil war, of which shells and ruins can still be found to this day. The town also features a ruined Civil War era structure with a hidden arms depository, now empty, that survived the war. Adma is markedly more vacant and vast than most Lebanese settlements, and is strongly connected to Jounieh and Tabarja to the South and North of it respectively.

Adma is also home to the local hunting grounds, to which people from the neighbouring towns come to line up and fire upon the returning migratory birds every year. This has come under criticism from locals who have noticed a marked decrease in the once populous birds of the area.

Adma contains a variety of war relics from the Civil War due to its sparse and often secluded nature, most of which are in the forested areas or the isolated hills. Various Lebanese and foreigners have lost their lives in the hillsides of Adma, and locals report it to be "haunted" at night by the roaming ghouls of the un-buried and lost war dead. Otherwise, the town is host to some very luxurious estates.