Admete viridula

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Admete viridula
Scientific classification
A. viridula
Binomial name
Admete viridula
(Fabricius, 1780)
  • Admete abnormis Harmer, 1918
  • Admete borealis A. Adams, 1855,
  • Admete couthouyi (Jay, 1839)
  • Admete crispa Møller, 1842
  • Admete distincta Leche, 1878
  • Admete grandis Mörch, 1869
  • Admete laevior Leche, 1878
  • Admete middendorffiana Dall, 1885
  • Admete producta Sars, 1878
  • Admete undata Leche, 1878
  • Admete undatocostata Verkrüzen, 1875 (dubious synonym)
  • Admete viridula var. distincta Leche, 1878
  • Admete viridula var. elongata Leche, 1878
  • Admete viridula var. grandis Mörch, 1869
  • Admete viridula var. laevior Leche, 1878
  • Admete viridula var. producta (Fabricius, 1780)
  • Admete viridula var. producta Sars G.O., 1878
  • Admete viridula var. undata Leche, 1878
  • Admete viridula var. ventricosa Friele, 1879
  • Cancellaria buccinoides Couthouy, 1838 (non-Sowerby, 1832) Invalid: junior homonym of Cancellaria buccinoides Sowerby, 1832)
  • Cancellaria couthouyi Jay, 1839 (dubious synonym)
  • Murex costellifer Sowerby J. de C., 1832 (dubious synonym)
  • Nematoma tomiyaensis iiokaensis Ozaki, 1958
  • Propebela viridula (Fabricius, 1780)
  • Tritonium viridulum Fabricius, 1780 (basionym)

Admete viridula is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Cancellariidae, the nutmeg snails.[1]


The shell size varies between 9 mm and 27 mm


This species is found in circumarctic waters (Norway, Novaya Zemlya, Russia; Bering Strait, Alaska), in the northwest Atlantic Ocean and in the Gulf of Maine.


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