Administrative divisions of Evenk Autonomous Okrug

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Evenk Autonomous Okrug was a federal subject of Russia until December 31, 2006. On January 1, 2007, it was merged into Krasnoyarsk Krai along with Taymyr Autonomous Okrug[1]. During the transitional period it retains a special administrative status within Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Evenk Autonomous Okrug, Russia Flag of Evenk Autonomous Okrug
As of December 31, 2006:[1]
# of districts
# of cities/towns
# of urban-type settlements
(посёлки городского типа)
# of selsovets
As of 2002:[2]
# of rural localities
(сельские населённые пункты)
# of uninhabited rural localities
(сельские населённые пункты без населения)
  • Districts:
    • Evenkiysky (Эвенкийский)
      • Urban-type settlements under the district's jurisdiction:
        • Tura (Тура) (administrative center)
      • with 3 selsovets under the district's jurisdiction.

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