Administrative divisions of Latvia before 2009

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Until 2009 the districts of Latvia were divided into 77 cities (Latvian: pilsēta), 10 amalgamated municipalities (Latvian: novads), 24 rural territories (Latvian: lauku teritorija) and 475 parishes (Latvian: pagasts).

For the new administrative divisions from 1 July 2009, see Administrative divisions of Latvia.

Aizkraukle District[edit]

Alūksne District[edit]

Balvi District[edit]

Bauska District[edit]

Cēsis District[edit]

Daugavpils District[edit]

Dobele District[edit]

Gulbene District[edit]

Jēkabpils District[edit]

Jelgava District[edit]

Krāslava District[edit]

Kuldīga District[edit]

Liepāja District[edit]

Limbaži District[edit]

Ludza District[edit]

Madona District[edit]

Ogre District[edit]

Preiļi District[edit]

Rēzekne District[edit]

Riga District[edit]

Saldus District[edit]

Talsi District[edit]

Tukums District[edit]

Valka District[edit]

Valmiera District[edit]

Ventspils District[edit]

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