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The admiral-superintendent was the Royal Navy officer in command of a larger Naval Dockyard. Portsmouth, Devonport and Chatham all had admiral-superintendents, as did some other dockyards in the United Kingdom and abroad at certain times. The admiral-superintendent usually held the rank of rear-admiral. His deputy was the captain of the port.

Some smaller dockyards, such as Sheerness, had a commodore-superintendent or captain-superintendent instead.

In the Royal Naval Dockyards admiral-superintendents ceased to be appointed after 15 September 1971, and existing post-holders were renamed port admirals.[1]

Admiral-superintendents still exist in the Indian Navy. They are in command of the Naval Dockyards at Mumbai, which serves the Western Fleet, and Visakhapatnam (Vizag), which serves the Eastern Fleet. Since both dockyards are huge establishments, each having thousands of sailors and workers on strength, both Admiral-Superintendents generally hold the rank of vice admiral.