Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union

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Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union
(Admiral flota Sovietskogo Soyuza)
RAF N F10AdmFleetSU 1955-1991.svg
Uniform shoulder strap (1955–1990)
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Country Soviet Union
Service branch Soviet Navy
RankGeneral officer
NATO rankOF-10
FormationMarch 1955
Next higher rankGeneralissimus of the Soviet Union
Next lower rankAdmiral of the fleet
Equivalent ranksMarshal of the Soviet Union

An Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union (Russian: Адмирал Флота Cоветского Cоюза, romanizedadmiral flota Sovietskogo Soyuza), was the highest naval rank of the Soviet Union. It was comparable to NATO five-star rank (OF-10 level).


The rank was largely honorary and could be considered equivalent to admiral of the fleet in other nations. It was formally established by the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union on March 3, 1955, and replaced a similarly named rank, admiral of the fleet (aдмирал флота) that had been equivalent to marshal of the Soviet Union since 1945. The holders were entitled to a marshal's star.

Upon its creation, the only two admirals of the fleet, Nikolai Kuznetsov and Ivan Isakov, were "promoted" to this rank. Less than a year later Kuznetsov was demoted to vice admiral for political reasons in 1956 and Isakov remained the only admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union until his death in 1967. His successor, Admiral Sergei Gorshkov, then became the third and final admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union. Gorshkov died in 1988 and no further appointments were made before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

From 1962 onwards, it was one grade higher than admiral of the fleet, which was recreated as an intermediate rank, equivalent to general of the army.

List of admirals of the fleet of the Soviet Union[edit]

  • Ivan Isakov (1894–1967); appointed March 3, 1955
  • Nikolai Kuznetsov (1904–74); appointed March 3, 1955; demoted February 17, 1956; restored posthumously July 26, 1988
  • Sergei Gorshkov (1910–88); appointed October 28, 1967

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