Admiralty Inlet (Nunavut)

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Admiralty Inlet (Nunavut) is located in Nunavut
Admiralty Inlet (Nunavut)
Admiralty Inlet

Admiralty Inlet (72°30′N 086°00′W / 72.500°N 86.000°W / 72.500; -86.000 (Admiralty Inlet)Coordinates: 72°30′N 086°00′W / 72.500°N 86.000°W / 72.500; -86.000 (Admiralty Inlet))[1] is a body of water in Nunavut's Qikiqtaaluk Region. It extends southerly from Lancaster Sound along the western shore of Baffin Island's Borden Peninsula. The hamlet of Arctic Bay is located on Uluksan Peninsula, a landform that juts into Admiralty Inlet south of Sirmilik National Park.

Several waterways extend from it, including Elwin Inlet, Baillarge Bay, Strathcona Sound, Victor Bay, Adams Sound, Levasseur Inlet, and Moffet Inlet, before it ends at Jungersen Bay. There are many islands within Admiralty Inlet including, Peter Richards Islands, Yeoman Island and Saneruarsuk Islands.

Admiralty Inlet sustains a large population of narwhals.[2] Caribou, polar bears, and walrus frequent the area.[3]


Admiralty Inlet was first charted by Admiral Sir Edward Parry in 1820.[4]


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