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Admiralty Navy War Council
United Kingdom
Council overview
Superseding agency
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
HeadquartersAdmiralty Building
Parent departmentAdmiralty

The Admiralty Navy War Council [1] was a temporary war planning and naval strategy advising committee of the Admiralty established in October, 1909 under Admiral Fisher[2] it existed until 1911 when it was later replaced by the Admiralty War Staff.


In May 1909, the Director of Naval Intelligence, Rear-Admiral Alexander E. Bethell, submitted a written report for the creation of a "Navy War Council" following the outcome of the Beresford Inquiry and recommendations that followed; it was to be made up of the following personnel: the First Sea Lord as president; the Director of Naval Intelligence acting as vice-president; an "Assistant Director for War"; the President, and the Captain of the Royal Naval War College; the Naval Assistant to the First Sea Lord. The head of the War Division of the Naval Intelligence Department's and the Commander of the Royal Naval War College acting as Joint Secretaries. Other Admiralty department heads could be summoned, to act as members of the council as and when their expertise was required.[3] Its role acted as a precursor to the establishment of a professional naval staff function; it would initially devise on naval war plans, and also given an advisory role on naval strategy matters [4] The council held a series of six meetings between 13 October 1909 and 10 June 1911 [5] before it was abolished and replaced by the Admiralty War Staff in January 1912.

Council members[edit]

The Council had of four members, including [5]


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