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Not to be confused with Admission (film).
Directed by Harry Kakatsakis
Written by John Viscount
Starring James Cromwell
Running time
21 minutes[1]
Country United States

Admissions is a 2011 American short film written by John Viscount and directed by Harry Kakatsakis. The film received funds from a successful Kickstarter campaign.[2]

The plot of the film revolves around an Israeli couple and a Palestinian man who go through admissions together because they have suffered similar tragic endings.[2] The three are placed in an admissions room for the afterlife and must plead their case before the clerk (James Cromwell).[2]


  • James Cromwell as The Clerk
  • Anna Khaja as Daphna
  • Oren Dayan as Ahmad
  • Anthony Batarse as Eli
  • Lindsey Ginter as Man in Suit
  • Heath Brown as Man in Hoodie


  • Harry Kakatsakis, Director
  • John Viscount, Writer/Producer
  • Gavin Behrman, Producer


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