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Adna is an unincorporated community located in Lewis County, Washington.[1] Due to its rural setting with little settlement concentration, it did not meet qualifications as a census-designated place, a program used by the U.S. Census Bureau for unincorporated communities.


An early resident with the last name Browning named the town "Willoway" for the saying "Where there's a will, there's a way", his wife's favorite saying. In 1892, the town's name was changed by the railroad to Pamona to distinguish it from the Willapa townsite. Then in 1894, to distinguish it from another Pamona east of the Cascades, the town was renamed Adna by the railway superintendent for Adna Marian - a member of his family[2]



Adna is located six miles (9.7 km) southwest of Chehalis.


Adna is home to the Adna School District, which includes two schools: Adna Elementary and Adna Middle/High School.[4] One of the first schools to serve Adna was built in 1893 and was known as the Bell Tower School.

Services & Zip Code[edit]

Adna has a grocery store, Adna Grocery. The store also serves as a gas station, movie rental store and includes a post office in the same building. The post office's ZIP code is 98522.


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Coordinates: 46°37′44″N 123°03′40″W / 46.62889°N 123.06111°W / 46.62889; -123.06111