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Adobe Character Animator
Adobe Character Animator icon.png
Adobe Character Animator running on OS X
Adobe Character Animator running on OS X
Developer(s) Adobe Systems
Initial release June 15, 2015; 3 years ago (2015-06-15)
Stable release
Version / October 15, 2018 (2018-10-15)
Written in C++, Lua, JavaScript
Operating system Windows, OS X
Type Computer animation
License Trialware, software as a service

Adobe Character Animator is a desktop application software product that combines live motion-capture with a multi-track recording system to control layered 2D puppets drawn in Photoshop or Illustrator. It is automatically installed with Adobe After Effects CC 2015 to 2017[1] and is also available as a standalone application which one can download separately. It is used to produce both live and non-live animation.


Character Animator imports layered Photoshop and Illustrator documents into puppets which have behaviors applied to them. The puppets are then placed into a scene, which can be viewed in the Scene panel and Timeline panel. Rigging is set up in the Puppet panel, though basic rigging is fully automatic based on specific layer names like Right Eyebrow and Smile. Properties of selected elements can be examined and changed in the Properties panel, including behavior parameters. Live inputs include a webcam (for face-tracking), microphone (for live lip sync), keyboard (for triggering layers to hide/show), and mouse (for warping specific handles).

Final output of a scene can be exported to a sequence of PNG files and a WAV file, or any video format supported by Adobe Media Encoder. Live output can be sent to other applications running on the same machine via the Syphon protocol (Mac only) or Adobe Mercury Transmit on both Mac and Windows. Scenes can also be dropped directly into After Effects and Premiere Pro, using Dynamic Link to avoid rendering.[2]


Character Animator was originally code-named "Animal".[3][4]

The following is the list of versions of Character Animator.

Ship Date Version Shipped with Major features added
June 15, 2015 Preview 1 After Effects CC 2015.0 (13.5) markerless face tracking; layered PSD & AI import; WAV & AIFF import; PNG sequence export; WAV export[5]
July 27, 2015 Preview 2 more accurate face tracking & lip sync; track reordering and snapping in the timeline; transparency grid; improved performance; bug fixes[6][7]
November 30, 2015 Preview 3 After Effects CC 2015.1 (13.6) “sticks” to control rigidity of the puppet mesh, multi-touch gestures to control character limbs, the ability to share rigged puppets, increased recording flexibility, performance improvements[8]
June 21, 2016[9] (announced April 12, 2016) Preview 4 After Effects CC 2015.3 (13.8) visual layer tagging, improved lip sync, export via Adobe Media Encoder, Syphon support, Motion Trigger, Auto Blink[10]
November 2, 2016 Beta 5 After Effects CC 2017 (14.0) dynamic link to After Effects & Premiere Pro, shareable puppet files, Cycle Pause tag, MP3 import, PNG sequence import, speed improvements[7]
April 19, 2017 Beta 6 After Effects CC 2017 (14.2) automatic walk cycles, viseme editor, cross-platform live streaming output via Mercury Transmit, layer blending modes, workspace modes, additional languages (Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Korean)[11]
October 18, 2017[12] (announced September 14, 2017) 1.1 part of Creative Cloud[13] Controls & Triggers panels, MIDI support, pose-to-pose Face & Eye Gaze animation, audio waveform in the timeline, copy & paste of visemes into After Effects, auto-attach, clipping masks, Layer Picker, Fader, Collide & Dynamic tags, improved lip sync[14]
December 11, 2017 1.1.1 part of Creative Cloud minor UI changes and bug fixes[15]
April 3, 2018 1.5 part of Creative Cloud particle physics, scene snapshots, improved triggers UI, copy & paste takes and triggers, countdown before recording, custom Controls panel button art[16]
October 15, 2018[17] (announced September 9, 2018) 2.0 part of Creative Cloud Characterizer, replays, magnets, squashiness, shoulder and hip tags, history bookmarks[18]

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