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Adobe ColdFusion Builder
ColdFusion Builder
Developer(s) Adobe Systems
Stable release
2016 (aka version 3.1)
Operating system Windows / Mac / Linux

Adobe ColdFusion Builder is the name for Adobe's Eclipse-based development IDE that can be used to build applications for ColdFusion. The product's original codename, "Bolt", is a reference to the original lightning icon for ColdFusion from the Allaire days. In 2010, Adobe released the product and officially renamed it Adobe ColdFusion Builder, often referred to as CFBuilder.

Version History[edit]

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 1.0[edit]

ColdFusion Builder became available on 22 March 2010 along with Flash Builder 4.[1]

Features include:

  • Object Relational Mapping auto-configuration
  • Application Code Generation
  • Server management
  • Easily extensible through the Eclipse framework
  • CFML, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS syntax highlighting
  • Code assist for tags, functions, variables, and components
  • Code folding
  • Snippet creation and management
  • Outline viewing
  • RDS Explorer for files and databases
  • Line-level Debugging
  • Refactoring

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2.0[edit]

ColdFusion Builder 2.0 (codename "Storm") was confirmed and previewed at Adobe MAX 2010 by Adobe. Major features include improved code navigation, searching improvements, code formatting and automatic method stub creation. The product was officially released on May 3, 2011.[2]

New Features:

  • Automatic insertion of required tag attributes.
  • Argument context information via code assist.
  • Custom and persistent code folding.
  • Jump to matching tag shortcuts.
  • Hover help for built-in tags, functions and UDFs.
  • Granular code formatting preferences.
  • Customized advanced find/replace specifically for CFML code.
  • Extension enhancements and callbacks for extending the IDE.
  • Task tags with TODO and FIXME notes

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 3.0[edit]

ColdFusion Builder 3.0 (codename "Thunder") was officially released on April 29, 2014.[3]

New Features:

  • CFML-based mobile app development
  • On-device debugging
  • Multidevice inspection
  • Code insight
  • Linux Support

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2016[edit]

ColdFusion Builder 2016 was officially released on February 16, 2016.[4]

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