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Adobe Distiller
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Adobe Acrobat Distiller is a software application for converting documents from PostScript format to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), the native format of the Adobe Acrobat family of products.[1] It was first shipped as a component of Acrobat in 1993.[2] Acrobat 4, in 1999, added preset configuration files to Distiller, and Acrobat 5, in 2001, added improved color management.[3] Originally a separate application, Distiller eventually became incorporated into a printer driver for creating PDF files that preserved the printed appearance of documents from other applications.[4]

A related Adobe product, Acrobat Distiller Server, was released in 2000 and provided the ability to perform high-volume conversion of PostScript to PDF formats through a centralized client-server architecture.[5] In 2013, Distiller Server was discontinued in favor of the PDF Generator component of Adobe LiveCycle.[6]


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