Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

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Flash Media Live Encoder
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder v4.0 Icon.png
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
Developer(s) Adobe Systems
Stable release
3.2 / January 12, 2009; 9 years ago (2009-01-12)
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Type Encoding Software
License Freeware

Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) is a free live encoding software product from Adobe Systems. It is currently available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.


Version 1.0 was released on February 23, 2007.

Version 2.0 was released on October 26, 2007, adding the following functionality:

  • Encoding support for MP3 format
  • Command-line execution
  • Automatically start at operating system launch
  • Automated maintenance restart
  • Remote access
  • Ability to set reconnect interval
  • Timecode support

Version 2.5 was released on April 14, 2008 with the following added features:

  • Encoding support for H.264/HE-AAC format
  • Improvements to Quality of Service
  • Auto-adjust functionality, which enabled dynamic downgrading of the outgoing stream quality if network connectivity was sub-optimal.

Version 3.0 was released on January 12, 2009 with the following added features:

  • An updated user interface and additional presets
  • Multi-bitrate encoding (up to three different bitrates)
  • File management improvements (save multiple files based on file size/duration, parameters in filenames)
  • DVR functionality
  • System timecode support (SMPTE, LTC, VITC or BITC timecodes could be used if supported by capture device; if not, the system timecode could be used)
  • Multi-core processing capability for VP6 encoding
  • Support for additional compatible devices



FMLE is a desktop application that connects to a Flash Media Server (FMS) or a Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS) via the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to stream live video to connected clients. Clients connect to the FMS or FVSS server and view the stream through a Flash Player SWF. or Nellymoser for audio. Additionally, AAC and HE-AAC for audio is supported with a plug-in available from MainConcept[1]

In addition to encoding live events with finite start and end times, features such as command-line control, auto reconnect, and remote access enable efficient 24/7 encoding.

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