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Adobe Font Folio
Font Folio.svg
Developer(s)Adobe Systems
Available inEnglish and Japanese
TypeComputer font
LicenseCommercial proprietary software

Adobe Font Folio is a collection of more than 2,400 OpenType fonts,[1] designed by several renowned type foundries. As of early 2005, there were around 10,000 fonts available in OpenType format. Adobe's font library makes up under a third of the total, all of which are included in Font Folio.

Version history[edit]

  • Version 7, released March 13, 1995. Had over 2,000 Type 1 (PostScript) typefaces. First release supporting Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems platforms.
  • Version 8, released in September, 1997.
  • Version 9, released in January, 2001. Had some OpenType typefaces, but still predominantly PostScript Type 1.
  • Version 10. Marketed as Font Folio Opentype Edition, released August 11, 2003, claiming "more than 2,000" fonts in OpenType format. Offered as a 20-user license and, for the first time, a 10-user license to make it more affordable.
  • Version 11. Released September 5, 2007, touting more than 2,300 fonts (all OpenType).
  • Version 11.1. Released December 21, 2011. The collection has 2,433 OpenType fonts.

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