Adobe Jenson

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Adobe Jenson
Adobe Jenson.svg
Category Serif
Classification Old style
Designer(s) Robert Slimbach
Foundry Adobe Type
Design based on Nicolas Jenson
Not to be confused with Janson.

Adobe Jenson is an old-style serif typeface drawn for Adobe Systems by type designer Robert Slimbach. Its Roman styles are based on a Venetian oldstyle text face cut by Nicolas Jenson in 1470, and its italics are based on those by Ludovico Vicentino degli Arrighi. The result is an organic, somewhat idiosyncratic font, with a low x-height, and inconsistencies that help differentiate letters to make it a highly readable typeface appropriate for large amounts of text.

Adobe Jenson was first released in 1996 as a multiple master Postscript font, and is now sold as an OpenType font under the name Adobe Jenson Pro. The multiple master version included weight and optical size axes.

Adobe Jenson Pro[edit]

Adobe Jenson Pro is an OpenType update of the original family. The font family supports Adobe CE, ISO-Adobe (later Adobe Western 2), dingbat character sets. The family comes with 4 weights each in roman and italic, and 4 optical sizes. Supported OpenType features include Stylistic alternates, ligatures, proportional numbers, old style figures, small caps, subscripts and superscripts, ordinals, and swashes (italic fonts only).

Optical sizes Caption Regular Subhead Display
Intended point sizes 6–9 9–13.4 13.4–21.9 21.9–72


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