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Adobe Marketing Cloud
Adobe Marketing Cloud icon
Developer(s) Adobe Systems[1]
Initial release October 24, 2012 (2012-10-24)
Operating system Windows, OS X[1]
Available in Multilingual
Type Software suite, cloud applications
License Software as a service
Website Marketing Cloud page

Adobe Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a collection of integrated online marketing and Web analytics products by Adobe Systems. It is a comprehensive marketing solution which enables marketers to measure, personalize and optimize marketing campaigns and digital experiences for optimal marketing performance.[2] Adobe Marketing Cloud includes a set of analytics, social, advertising, media optimization, targeting, Web experience management and content management products[3] aimed at the advertising industry and hosted on Amazon Web Services.[1] Like other Adobe Cloud services (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud), the Adobe Marketing Cloud allows users with valid subscriptions to download the entire collection and use it directly on their computers with open access to online updates.[4]

The Adobe Marketing Cloud collection was introduced to the public in October 2012[citation needed] as Adobe began retiring the Omniture name it acquired in October 2009.[5][6] Products of the defunct company were then integrated step by step into the new Cloud service[7] which includes the following six applications: Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Campaign. In November 2013, Adobe Systems introduced mobile features to its Marketing Cloud, making smartphones and other mobile devices new targets for analytics.[8][9][10]


Adobe Analytics[edit]

Adobe Analytics[11][12] is a set of tools for predictive and real-time analytics that can be integrated into third-party sources. It includes the Marketing Reports and Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst), Ad hoc analysis (formerly Adobe Discover) and Data Workbench (formerly Insight) applications to help create a holistic view of business activities by transforming customer interactions into insights. This is sometimes called marketing intelligence. With simple and interactive dashboards and reports, a user can manage and share real-time information which helps identify issues, discover opportunities and measure key performance indicators (KPIs). On October 14, 2013, Adobe revealed a set of new features for data analysis with key metrics identification like real-time reporting, visualization, mobile analytics and conversion.[13][14]

Adobe Audience Manager[edit]

Adobe Audience Manager[15] is a data management platform that can be used to create profiles of audience segments. These profiles can then be used for targeted ad campaigns.

Adobe Campaign[edit]

Adobe Campaign[16][17] is an analytics tool that helps users build a personalized experience based on customer habits and preferences. It plans, manages and executes campaigns from a unique environment. Marketers now have an intuitive, automated way to deliver messages over marketing channels. The new Adobe Campaign, formerly Neolane,[18] is now being integrated with Adobe Experience Manager to help predict customers needs.[19]

Adobe Experience Manager[edit]

Adobe Experience Manager is a web content management system for organizing, managing, and delivering creative assets. The user can use templates to create targeted content and publish them securely in the cloud.[16][20][21][22] It is derived from a product called CQ by Day Software, which Adobe acquired in 2010.

Adobe Media Optimizer[edit]

Adobe Media Optimizer[12][23] is a tool that manages, forecasts and optimizes media. It provides a consolidated view of how media is performing together with tools to accurately forecast user media. Media Optimizer helps manage search engine marketing, display, and social campaigns.

Adobe Primetime[edit]

Adobe Primetime[24] is a video platform that can be used to create and monetize TV and film content and make it available across multiple types of devices. A stratgegic partnership with comScore, announced in March 2016, will promote the collection and interpretation of viewing metrics across a range of non-traditional TV devices.[25][26]

Adobe Social[edit]

Adobe Social [12][27] is a tool for managing social content and social campaigns. It's a comprehensive solution for building stronger connections through data-driven content. It deals with relevant posts, insightful conversations, measurable results, and social activities connected to business. Adobe Social is about the discovery of precise content, social networks and business results.[28]

Adobe Target[edit]

Adobe Target[20][29][30] is a tool for testing and targeting digital experiences. It includes a user interface, built-in best practices, and robust optimization tools for following site visitors. With its self-learning algorithmic approach it is able to increase conversion and filter results precisely. Adobe Target also uses factorial testing to understand elements for real-time targeted content. Adobe Target uses automated behavioral targeting with acquired data such as IP addresses, time of day, referral URLs and brand affinity. From the anonymous profiles it creates, Adobe Target is capable of giving personalized product or content recommendations.


On September 15, 2009, Omniture, Inc. and Adobe Systems announced that Adobe would be acquiring Omniture, an online marketing and web analytics business unit in Orem, Utah.[31] The deal of $1.8 billion, was completed on October 23, 2009,[6][32] and is now joined by other Adobe acquisitions such as Day Software and Efficient Frontier, as the main components of Adobe's Digital Marketing Business Unit.[33][34] Around 2012, Adobe withdrew the Omniture brand while its products were being integrated into the Adobe Marketing Cloud.[33][35][36]


Adobe Marketing Cloud as a subscription model has made significant progress in terms of acceptance in the business world.[37][38][39][40] In 2013, Gartner, an information technology research and advisory company, ranked the Adobe's solutions execution ability at the highest position on its Magic Quadrant for Web content management.[41][42] This distinction is in line with the evolution of its preceding Cloud-based model suite Adobe Creative Cloud which met significant criticism in the beginning.[43][44][45][46]

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